A Mongrol of a Mek is Soon to Appear in Judge Dredd

December 3, 2014 by dracs

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As well as the upcoming Judge Dredd Miniatures Game supplement Blood on the Streets, Warlord Games have a couple more miniatures from the pages of 2000AD on the way and have given us a quick peek at the first of the ABC Warriors.


Mongrol Back

Mongrol is undoubtedly the muscle of the ABC Warriors (robots designed to withstand atomic, biological and chemical attacks) and is something of a hodge-podge creation. His body was destroyed in an attack and a girl named Lara rebuilt him from scavenged parts. However, Lara was soon killed and Mongrol tortured, leaving him in a bestial state of mind.

It's exciting to see these robots appear as, where most scifi robots look as though they stepped off a production line, the ABC Warriors have a definite individuality and character to each of them. It will be interesting to hear how they play once the new supplement has been released.

Do you play the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game? Is there any character that you particularly want Warlord to create?

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