Report On Goings On Within Mega-City One With Warlord

August 12, 2013 by brennon

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Warlord Games have released two additional miniatures for the Judge Dredd range that they are now helping to get out there. Below we have a look at their Bat Burglar and Vid Reporter. One is making the news, the other is reporting it!

Bat Burglar

Vid Reporter

The Bat Burglar wears a pair of rocket assisted bat wings that allow him to soar around in permitted zones within Mega-City One. However sometimes he uses it for the pursuit of personal gain landing on high rise buildings to steal whatever he can from them.

The Vid Reporter will also be seen around Mega-City One, probably after one of the Burglars heists. I have to say many of them have probably died in the line of duty or getting too close to a Judge on a killing spree!

Will you be adding them to your games?

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