Start Laying Down The Law With Warlord’s Judge Dredd

November 18, 2013 by brennon

Warlord Games have now released the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game Starter Set and you can get your hands on both a squad of Judges and Gangers fighting for control of the streets...

Judge Dredd Miniatures Game Starter Set

Judge Dredd Miniatures Game Components

The set comes with, as I mentioned, two gangs which also includes an exclusive miniature for each side too. On top of that you also get that epic looking rulebook and the training guide to get you started in Mega City One.

Training Guide

It looks like a good set to get you going, much like some of the other sets from Warlord Games. It also includes two gangs that I would be happy playing as, although saying that I prefer the Judges over almost all of the others. I don't imagine that's just me!

Will you be heading in to lay down the law with this boxed set?

Drop a comment below.

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