Summon the Demonic Cabal into the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game

March 19, 2014 by dracs

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A sinister Demonic Cabal has begun summoning evil forces into the streets of Mega-City One and onto the store of Warlord Games.

Demonic Cabal

The Demonic Cabal is described by Warlord as being for those who prefer their games to be a bit less predictable. While sometimes you will succeed to summon mighty monsters that even the Judges will struggle against, at other times your plans might back fire spectacularly. This means that the Demonic Cabal isn't likely to be a competitive force, but they will be a lot of fun for both sides.

Demonic Cabal Minis

The models are pretty nice too, realising the disturbing nature of a demonic cult with the awesome style of Judge Dredd, fitting the force in seamlessly to the setting.

Do you fancy calling upon these Dredd powers?

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