Warlord Preview the Laws of Judge Dredd

October 8, 2013 by dracs

As the release of Mongoose Publishing's Judge Dredd Miniatures Game rule book fast approaches a new look into the pages has appeared over at Warlord Games, taking us through the talents of its heroes and the Renegade Robots of Mega-City One.

Judge Dredd Cover

First up Warlord show us what we can expect from the Renegade Robots, those automatons who have broken their programming and are now a threat to the people of the Mega-Cities.

Renegade Robots

An interesting new addition to the faction which Warlord point out are the Mini Bots. These are those robots who carry outthe minor, menial tasks around Mega-City One, such as pest control, vehicle servicing, etc. However, when they break their programming these little convenience robots can become a real nuisance, providing the Renegade Robots with some cheap units to throw at the enemy.

However, it's not simply little robots that we get to see in this preview as one of the most interesting mechanics of the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game makes its appearance; Talents.

Talent Trees

In the game players will be able to customise their heroes with equipment and talents. Talents are arranged in trees. This means that while the first talents which are available to you will be fairly basic, if you choose to specialise your character more and better talents will open up to you.

Psychic Talents

This strikes me as a very RPG style mechanic, allowing you to create your own characters and easily build narratives around them depending on how you have built them.

The rule book is currently available to pre-order at Warlord Games and I for one am looking forward to exploring the world of Judge Dredd within its pages.

What sort of hero might you build for this game?

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