Warlord Reveal the Femme Fatales of Judge Dredd

January 19, 2014 by dracs

Two not so lovely ladies are ready to leave their mark on Mega-City One. Beware the brutal justice of The Executioner, and the unwanted peace brought by Oola Blint.

The Executioner

Blanche Tatum once intended to be a Judge, but was thrown out of the academy for a liaison with a man she later married. When her husband was killed, Blanche became a brutal vigilante known as The Executioner. Now she hunts down the gangsters responsible.

Oola Blint

A beautiful Angel of Mercy, Oola Blint now seeks out the desperate and downcast in order to bring them the peace of a dignified death. Of course, sometimes people don't want to die, but she doesn't give them much choice in the matter.

Both of these lethal ladies are available from the Warlord store. They can be brought into your band as mercenaries and are sure to prove their worth in the mean streets of the Mega-City.

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