Warlord’s Manta Prowl Tank Brings Justice to Judge Dredd

January 26, 2015 by dracs

Sometimes not even the Judges can take down the dangerous gangs of Mega-City One on their own. When things get out of hand, they call in the Manta Prowl Tank, which Warlord have released onto their webstore.

Manta Prowl Tank

The Manta Prowl Tank might be one of the largest and most dangerous models to appear in the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game. This thing comes equipped with a Peterson High Intensity Laser Canon, twin linked anti-personnel lasers and on-boarding holding cells capable of containing up to 30 prisoners (of course, they might have to squash up a bit).

Manta Prowl Tank Scale

The Manta certainly lives up to its name in appearance. The model is streamlined and looks like what you might expect from a far future moving fortress. It may be big, but it gives an impression of speed and would be the perfect centre piece for a force of the Justice Department.

Do you play the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game? What are your thoughts on this massive Manta?

"This thing comes equipped with a Peterson High Intensity Laser Canon"

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