The 35mm Death Dealer Slaughters Its Way To Kabuki

March 30, 2017 by dracs

Kabuki Models have released the smaller 35mm scale Death Dealer model onto their webstore.

35mm Death Dealer

The 35mm version of Frazetta's Death Dealer is limited to 200 models and comes with a diorama base and an alternative helmetless head based on the original sketches.

35mm Death Dealer Alternate Head

35mm Dealer Sketch

Due to its smaller scale, this version of the Death Dealer can be more easily used in games. As such, it would make an intimidating character for an army or warband.

Do you like Kabuki's take on this classic piece of fantasy art? Would you use it in a game, or keep it as a collector's piece?

"An intimidating character for an army or warband."

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