Kabuki Models Tease Us With Wonderland And Distant Egypt

September 25, 2012 by brennon

It's not just Rommel-X that is getting an adversary in the future from Kabuki Models. As well as continuing their Sci-Fi series there are also some other miniatures on the cards. Check out two of the Work-in-Progress previews below...

Big Sister Cleopatra

Pin-Up Alice in Wonderland

Above you can see both Cleopatra and Alice, from Alice in Wonderland, getting the Kabuki treatment. Both are certainly looking to be a pin-up style affair that will be interesting display pieces and painting challenges.

I think I'm more interested in seeing how Alice turns out, especially since we saw some cool interpretations of her not long ago from Lead Adventure and even Infamy Miniatures.

Which of the two are you looking forwards to?

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