Kabuki Models Take You To A Wonderland Of Chaotic Pain

January 9, 2013 by brennon

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Two fantastic miniatures are available from the world of Kabuki Models! Check out both Alice in Wonderland and Chaos Lord Bophos below for two very different ends of the spectrum...

Alice in Wonderland

First up is Alice looking very much the pin-up girl. She stands at 40mm and would be a proper painting project and then potential gift for someone. While it has no practical use as a tabletop model it certainly is a good looking one.

Chaos Lord Bophos

The other side of the coin has Chaos Lord Bophos about to crush and slaughter his way through your entire village. Once again he comes in at 40mm and is another astounding exercise in the amount of detail Kabuki can get out of their range.

Another great painting project for sure.

Which of the two would you grab?

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