Kabuki Planning To Suck Your Blood With Upcoming Bust

September 21, 2013 by brennon

Kabuki Models had a pretty big bust (no jokes!) not long ago and now they have plans for another one to add to your painting pile. What do you think of this Vampire Countess that will be gracing your shelf?

Vampire Bust

As you can quite plainly see this is a concept piece right now but Kabuki have an eye for making their drawings and plans a reality as we've seen from a whole host of their miniatures.

While it's nice to see another good looking lady as a bust it would be good to see Kabuki head back to their Stand Alone X series soon and see if they can re-create some historical characters in a new way.

I can already think of a few that would be interesting. Imagine a Caesar or Alexander the Great as an 'Ancients' series of sculpts. That could go down quite well I think.

Either way will you be buying her bust?

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