Kabuki Show off the Finished Rommel-X Ready for September

July 27, 2012 by brennon

You might remember concept art of Rommel-X from a while back. Thankfully Kabuki Models are quick (as always) on the draw and have got him all but finished for a release in September. Check out the model below...

Rommel-X (Front)

Rommel-X (Rear)

Now that is an impressive soldier. I know this miniature is in 30mm scale but with the style of those boots could be an addition to a Corporation force?

Overall I love the mix between the Sci-Fi and the archaic with that cavalry sabre at his side. The only bit I'm a little wary of is those grenades strapped to his boot. That can't be safe right?

What do you make of Rommel-X?

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