Kabuki Sound The Imperial March For Their Next Army

March 8, 2016 by dracs

Kabuki Models are once again turning their attention to the creation of a full modular army. This time, they are bringing us the forces of a dark, intergalactic empire.

Imperial Force

The overall armour design is fairly plain at this stage in the model's creation, being in style that of a generic sci-fi super soldier. However, the helmet is particularly striking and somewhat familiar. Who's been giving the Storm Troopers steroids?

As with their Legio Praetoriana, these models will be 33mm scale and will be released as modular units and sets to create the basis for a full army. Personally, I am most keen on seeing what sort of characters Kabuki come out with for the force.

What do you hope to see in this new army?

"Who's been giving the Storm Troopers steroids?"

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