Kabuki’s Christmas Present Is Unwrapped on their Webstore

December 2, 2014 by dracs

As Christmas is fast approaching Kabuki Models have released their special Christmas Christmas pin-up model which they believe to be The Perfect Present.

The Perfect Present

The Perfect Present Back

As with Kabuki's other sculpts, this Christmas present is very well sculpted and I am particularly impressed by the musculature of her back. She probably needs good back muscles, given the size of her breasts, but then it is a pin-up so I doubt anyone expected realism.

We previously saw this model when Kabuki first showed off the design in September and it sparked a lively debate upon the nature of sexism within gaming and miniature hobbies in general. Whatever your view, you can't deny Kabuki have done a good job in recreating their initial render as a model.

What is your opinion of Kabuki's Christmas present?

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