Kabuki’s Ky-Ra Readies Her Axes for War

December 8, 2015 by dracs

Kabuki Models are working on a new beautiful 75mm barbarian woman for their latest range of sculpts and have published the latest WiPs of the intimidating Ky-Ra.


I have to say that while it is another case of the chainmail bikini warrior I've come to know and dread, I rather like this sculpt so far. The pose and level of motion here is fantastic and I like that each of her axes looks like it has a story behind it.

Kabuki will soon be moving on to add the detail and armour to her body. I'm hoping that, like the axes, we will see something characterful and imaginative in terms of her clothing, although from the concept art in Ky-Ra's existing bundle, I'm not holding out much hope there.

Ky-Ra Bundle

Then again, she is a barbarian, and if the Conan movies have taught me anything it's that a warrior's strength is directly proportioned to how much clothing they have.

All the same I think this is a promising start for the model, which could prove to be a good painter's and collector's piece.

Do you like Kabuki's Ky-Ra, or do you think it should be axed off?

"Each of her axes looks like it has a story behind it..."

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