Kabuki’s Sexy Sea Witch Has Cthulhu In The Palm Of Her Hand

August 26, 2015 by dracs

Kabuki have got a lot of exciting stuff in the pipeline and have published a few previews to help get our excitement up to fever pitch for everything ranging from large scale sea witches to sexy dwarf slayers.

A Sexy Sea Witch

First up we get the art for the second model in Kabuki's upcoming line of 75mm models, a sexy sea witch before whom even Cthulhu seems helpless.

Sea Witch

At 75mm, this design promises us a towering miniature, with a beautiful, but disturbing goddess of the deep as its centre. Quite why she is holding a baby Cthulhu I have no idea, but more power to her.

Kabuki have yet to name this model (I'm just calling her a sea witch because she reminds me a bit of Ursula from the Little Mermaid), but they have said that images of the sculpt itself are not far off.

A Celestial Knight Leads the Legio

If sexy sea witches aren't your thing, than you may be excited at the news that Kabuki will soon be coming out with a new bundle of their Legio Praetoriana.

Legio Bundle

This bundle promises to contain their Knight of Legend, the Celestial Knight, who is currently up for pre-order, and who will make a perfect general for such an exalted army of space knights.

Celestial Knight

These minis will provide you with the perfect pieces with which to reenact the Horus Heresy. Did I say Horus Heresy? I meant any heretical scifi event that you might happen to want to recreate.

What would you name the sea witch? Do you like Kabuki's Legio?

"Quite why she is holding a baby Cthulhu I have no idea, but more power to her."

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