Take Command With Early World War I Command Packs By Kallistra

June 18, 2015 by stvitusdancern

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Kallistra is offering command packs for the different nations involved in the early period of World War I.

Early War Command Packs

The companies represented are British, French, Germans and Belgians. In each pack you get 30 different miniatures representing the different roles in a command section. Since this we are in the 100th anniversary of the "War to end all wars" this would be a great time to get in there and play a game to slug it out in "no man's land" and see if you can break the stalemate that was trench warfare.

Early War Soldiers

Kallistra offers a rule set for these miniatures called, "Raging Empires WWI 1914 to 1918." You might want download the draft version of the rules for free here. The finished work will be out in the fall. The miniatures are 12mm tall, but I think they would work with any terrain or game in the 15mm range.

What do you think of these sculpts?

"Since this we are in the 100th anniversary of the "War to end all wars"..."

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