Clan Buke Draw Swords With New Releases For Kensei

January 27, 2015 by brennon

Clan Buke are getting a big boost this month for the amazing world of samurai that is Kensei by Zenit Miniatures. See what you think of their upcoming Army Box and a new hero, the Taisho, ready to honour his masters on the battlefield...

Army Box - Buke

"The Buke have protected and farmed the land of the islands for centuries, paying vassalage to the Emperor. They were considered the arms of the Empire, the strength and the sword. Since most of them were rural samurai, a class lower than the Kuge, they were despised. While the Emperor was alive, they were honored simply because they could serve him, bound by their strict code of honor. But after his death they were taken aback."

Here is the Army Box above with some very cool models; so what's inside?

  • 5x No-dachi samurai
  • 5x Yari samurai
  • 5x Yumi samurai
  • 10x Yari ashigaru
  • 1x Kengo
  • 1x Buke clan hero
  • 1x Samurai daisho
  • 1x Hata jurushi

Hero - Clan Buke

Hata Jurushi - Clan Buke

Daisho - Clan Buke

Not a bad collection and you can see some of the additional Kensei miniatures in more detail above. What I really like about the Kensei miniatures is that they managed to hit the right note of detail and pose very well indeed. I don't think I'm yet to see a badly posed Kensei model!

Taisho - Clan Buke

In addition to the Army Box there's the Taisho for Clan Buke shown in a resting position as he watches the battle unfold before him. I love the amount of detail they've worked into layering his armour and robes and while it looks like it would be hell to paint I reckon a good wash or two would bring out all of those details nicely.

Will you join Clan Buke?

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"...they managed to hit the right note of detail and pose very well indeed"

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