More Creatures For The Menagerie Of Zenit’s Kensei!

August 5, 2014 by brennon

Zenit Miniatures have a whole bunch of creatures from the world of mythology to add to their Kensei range! There are some interesting additions here included a rather creepy looking elephant beast!



Tennyo I

Tennyo II

So as you can see the list of Celestial Creatures is growing and the Baku and Kirin are strangely cute despite the swirling flames and the fact that they clearly come from some strange nether realm! Next to them the Tennyo are positively human looking and I love the multi-armed way they're firing their bows.


Last but not least we have the Basan. These are fowl-like creatures that can breath fire, ghost fire, from their mouths. It's a cold flame that doesn't set alight to anything! A strange bird indeed!

Which is your favourite creature?

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