More Fantastical Creatures For Zenit’s Kensei On The Horizon!

June 18, 2014 by brennon

There might be a Kickstarter going on right now but Zenit are also focused on bringing you more awesome miniatures for the fantasy side of Kensei. See what you think of these creatures and weird fellows previewed over on Facebook...

The Shinigami


Above we have the massive Shinigami with his bowl made of skulls flickering with purple flames. The whole look of him is pretty awesome and I'm sure within Kensei and without there will be a use for him on the tabletop. Imagine him leading a massive Samurai themed army in Kings of War! As well him you have the really creepy looking Goryo that I would not want to run into.


Not to be outdone by their death you also have this rather awesome Gaikotsu that will be shambling forwards and then slicing your head off with his rusted sword. It's awesome to see something undead creeping into the game and I think it would be cool to see him at the head of a full skeletal legion of Samurai.

Have you been picking up Kensei miniatures?

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