More Fantastical Creatures For Zenit’s Kensei This Month

November 4, 2014 by brennon

Zenit Miniatures have shared their upcoming selection of interesting mythical creatures for the world of Kensei. See what you think of the Daidarobotchi, Sechoo Seki, Kappas and Daitengu!


Sechoo Seki


I love miniatures that have a 'one with nature' feel to them and that's certainly what our first three pieces have. The Daidarobotchi is an awesome Ent like creature and I love how the old mossy bark has become plates of armour while underneath the new tree is growing through it. An interesting mix of growing and dying which is cool.

Daitengu I

Daitengu II

Last but not least is the Daitengu which aren't as cool looking as the other creatures we've seen above but if you're looking for another demonic martial artist then you have some options. You could easily use something like the Sechoo Seki in another game away from Kensei as a Rock Golem of sorts.

Which is your favourite?

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