New Heroes Take To The Stage With Zenit’s Kensei

June 28, 2013 by brennon

Kensei by Zenit Miniatures went from strength to strength with it's latest fundraising campaign but it isn't all fantastical creatures on the horizon from them. Check out the releases for the end of June below...

Buke Clan Hero

Daisho Ashigaru

Sohei Clan Hero

These awesome looking heroes will be making an appearance on many a battlefield I'm sure. The Buke Clan Hero screams of traditionalism with his intricate samurai armour and one of those epic full face masks.

Next we have more rough and ready warriors with the Daisho and Sohei Clan Hero. The first of these looks like he is ready to engage in battle, drawing his katana to face off against a nemesis before. The Sohei hero on the other hand looks like he has just won his battle, holding up the heads of his fallen enemies.

Yari Kiba Musha

As well as the heroes you also have some additions to the standard troop line-up. The Yari Kiba Musha are riding some heavy chargers into battle with this extraordinarily long spears.

The Kensei line has always impressed, from the regular troops up to the heroes, and it will be good to see an entire army lain out on the battlefield.

Will any of these be joining your collection?

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