The Japanese Kuge Army Is Bolstered For Zenit’s Kensei!

December 1, 2014 by brennon

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Zenit are bolstering the forces of the Kuge Clan in Kensei this month and it's all kicking off with the a Mighty Army of their own complete with heroes and experienced warriors. They're also getting Taisho Kuge and we see the coming of Daisho Ashigaru Teppo too!

Kuge Clan

First up we'll take a look at the army itself which is very cool. As well as your dedicated defenders including those epic ninja there are three heroes to lead them into battle. Two of them are here below...

Clan Kuge Hero


One thing you can certainly say about the Kensei line is everything they make is stunningly good detail and posed awesomely. I might have a go about foot-on-rock syndrome here with the Daisho but I do like the stance despite that. Some of the armour designs you see in Japanese military history are amazing and it's great to see someone bring things to life.

Taisho Kuge

Daisho Teppo

The heroes continue with both of these miniatures too. I can't quite make out exactly what Taisho is sitting on but it looks an awful lot like he might have killed off a panda for his throne! I like the idea that he can just sit back and relax as the battle goes on around him. The Daisho Ashigaru Teppo looks decidedly more practical even though he is in a resting stance.

I do prefer to see my heroes in heroic poses to show off their character on the tabletop. If they're standing still then you sometimes feel as if they get lost within the rest of the unit they might be fighting alongside.

What do you think of these offerings?

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