Kensei’s Mighty Otokodate Army Grow With New Releases

April 30, 2014 by brennon

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Zenit Miniatures have put together a bunch of new releases for their Kensei range. Not only heroes but some new infantry are joining the ranks of your existing army...

Otokodate Clan Hero

Otokodate Thaiso


First up we have a few new heroes in the form of the Clan Hero, Taisho and the Assassin who is ready to stalk from the darkness and put those claws through someones back. These guys have done some great looking heroes in the past and these are no different. My favourite has to be the rather foreboding looking Assassin.

Katana Ashigaru


Making up the infantry additions to Kensei we have the Katana Ashigaru who will be some of your mainstay troops in the midst of the army and the Ozutzu which might be a little less frequent but very specialised indeed. The miniatures are, once again, awesome looking and I'd love to see some big armies combining all their historical AND fantasy miniatures.

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