Kensei’s Undead Samurai Army Lurches Onto The Tabletop

December 1, 2015 by brennon

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Zenit Miniatures have popped up on Kickstarter with another big campaign to bring a Fantasy army to the world of Kensei. This time around they have an Undead Samurai Army lurching and stumbling its way out of the grave to start slaughtering foes on the tabletop...

Kensei Undead Core Set #1

If you were interested in the core set then you can see the many parts of it attached above and below. You get a whole bunch of interesting models with swords, spears, bows and more. Of course they have also dropped in some nasty creatures like the Jikininki.

Kensei Undead Core Set #2Zenit had done some amazing work when they bought out a whole bunch of fantastic models from the mists of Japanese mythology and so it's good to see them working towards this again with the recent addition of this army. I had to hunt around to find out what some of these creatures were based on!

Kensei Undead Core Set #3

A whole bunch of interesting characters and other monsters are also planned and you can find them over on their Kickstarter page. So far they have unlocked another weird zombie creature called the Kensei Undead and there are plans for the spooky Yuki-Onna.

What do you think of their newest project?

"I had to hunt around to find out what some of these creatures were based on!"

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