New Sohei Army Gathers For Zenit’s Kensei This Month!

February 27, 2015 by brennon

Another month gone and another army gathers to fight in Zenit Miniatures' Kensei! This time around it's the Sohei Clan and they've not only rounded up a rather neat looking army box but also a hero too in the form of Taisho Sohei...

Army Box - Sohei

Above you can see what you get in their army box, a pretty standard set that matches the rest of their line so far. If it's anything like the Buke box from last month then you have over 1000 points of models there for their wargame.

Sohei Daisho

Sohei Hata Jurushi

Clan Hero Sohei

As well as the regular infantry you get these characters that you can see above in more detail. I'm a particular fan of this starkly cold looking colour palette that they've used with this army and it gives them a very menacing vibe when you see them on the tabletop. The hoods and scarves also help create that illusion of deadliness!

Taisho Sohei

Rounding things off for this month is their actual named character in the form of Taisho Sohei who stands triumphant over the body of a fallen enemy that he's no doubt picked off from afar with his rather impressive bow.

I like the idea that while the main army is marching into battle he's there with some other bow armed ashigaru flanking the enemy, harassing their units from cover and generally being a bit of a nuisance.

How are you liking this Clan?

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