Zenit Planning Feudal Japanese Skirmish Game Torii

September 17, 2015 by brennon

Zenit have plans to use their existing Kensei range for a skirmish level tabletop game that has been christened Torii. We don't know much about it now but it looks like it's going to draw on their range of models which has been steadily growing over the past few years...


Zenit have produced models for three clans in Kensei, Buke, Kuge and Sohei, as well as a fantastic selection of Japanese monsters. While the focus is going to be on Feudal-era Japan it would be interesting to see if they drop in the Fantasy element as well.


Buke Clan

I imagine they could work on the game as a modular system where you can take on a more Historical angle if you like but then slot in the Fantasy models further down the line if the models appeal to you. Who wouldn't want that awesome Shinigami model in their collection?

Will you be keeping an eye on this?

"Who wouldn't want that awesome Shinigami model in their collection?"

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