Zenit’s Fantasy Kensei IndieGoGo Finds More Monsters

April 29, 2013 by brennon

If you have been following along with the Kensei IndieGoGo Campaign from Zenit Miniatures then you'll know that they have got sixteen days left and still have plenty of fantastic models to enjoy...

Otokodate Clan

Creature Pack F

Creature Pack EThe first image is from the release of a new clan, the Otokodate Clan. Some colourful personalities are there and they are matched by the huge variety of monsters that can be unlocked through the different packs.


Hell Onmyouji

Jorogumo WIP

As well as beautiful looking artwork Zenit have also produced some models to show off what they are doing as the campaign continues. I think the one miniature most of you will be interested in here is the huge Jorogumo that is about to pull apart that poor hero!

Overall the Zenit Miniatures campaign for Kensei is going extremely well and a lot of amazing models are on the horizon for those who pledged and those who will explore this world afterwards.

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