Zenit’s Kensei Commands New Units From September

October 1, 2013 by brennon

The world of Kensei is going to be seeing some more additions to its collection from the month of September. See what you think of both their Ishitsubute Ashigaru and Kiba Mucha...

Shitsubute Ashigaru Unit (Front)

Shitsubute Ashigaru Unit (Rear)

First up we have these awesome slingers. These folks were peasants that didn't find much of a place on the battlefield but were trained to use their slings in a harassing capacity. I could see them picking off unfortunate folk who strayed away from the main bulk of the army. I bet one of the stones could even take a Samurai out of his saddle.

Kiba Musha #1

Kiba Musha #2

Kiba Musha #3

Kiba Musha #4

Talking of cavalry we have the Kiba Mucha, some katana wielding warriors on horseback. These are your shock troops riding into the battle with speed and ferocity hoping to break the enemy formation and send them scattering to the four winds.

I reckon we have some ace looking additions to the Kensei line here. You can also win some of these horsemen by checking out the Kensei Facebook Page!

Will you be picking them up?

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