15mm Hobgoblin Army Rages Across The Lands From Khurasan

January 18, 2018 by brennon

Khurasan Miniatures continue to grow their 15mm range with a focus towards Fantasy with their newest release, a set of new Hobgoblins which will bolster your force on the tabletop with new infantry and more.

Hobgoblins With Swords - Khurasan Miniatures

The models cover a variety of different options including Hobgoblins with Swords although you can also get them armed with Pikes and Bows too if you need some ranged support.

Hobgoblins With Bows - Khurasan Miniatures

They have also created a range of command figures if you're looking to build your warriors into a regiment rather than a scattered warband. The Champion of the unit would make a good focal villain for a D&D encounter too.

Hobgoblin Infantry Command - Khurasan Miniatures

This does bring me back towards the idea of using smaller miniatures for your role-playing games. These Hobgoblins have been created in a style similar to the old look of them from Dungeons & Dragons so it would be great to drop them into a campaign or two.

Shock Troops

When it comes to shock cavalry in an army you can also snap up some Hobgoblins riding Entelodonts.

Hobgoblin Cavalry - Khuarasan Miniatures

Now, these might not find their way into your encounters when it comes to Dungeons & Dragons but they would be a good shout for someone building an army out of this particular collection. What do you think?

Drop your thoughts below on these Hobgoblins!

"When it comes to shock cavalry in an army you can also snap up some Hobgoblins riding Entelodonts..."

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