Fire Heavy Weapons Of The Norse Gods With Khurasan

December 2, 2013 by brennon

Khurasan Miniatures has set up some awesome looking and indeed well named heavy weapons for their Federal Army range. See what you think of the Odin Autocannon and Thor Missile Launcher, both in 28mm scale.

Odin Autocannon

Thor Missile Launcher

These would be pretty awesome as heavy weapons for a range of different games. Obviously they could be used in Warhammer 40,000 as alternative heavy weapon squads but I reckon they would be equally ace in something like Warpath.

With the names as they are they would be perfect for the Forge Fathers but the design of the weapons is more in keeping with the Corporation perhaps. You could even set them up on the tabletop as interactive terrain so they could be used by any squad that happens by them.

What do you think?

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