Khurasan Keep Fighting With Downed Mecha Pilot

April 4, 2014 by brennon

Khurasan Miniatures love their 15mm scale and with a whole bunch of Mechs in their store they are going to need some pilots when those get blasted to hell and back. See what you think of their downed and ejected Mecha Pilots...

15mm Mecha Pilot

As you can see you get one male and one female (although the one in the helmet could well be female too I imagine) Pilot with a helmet and one without. What I like is that all the connectors are still trailing behind the pilots as if they have just ripped their way free from the cockpit.

It's certainly a funky way of showing a game mechanic in action and I'm sure there must be a few 15mm scale sci-fi games out there that require you pilot to be separate. It does give a bit of character to those soulless and rather blank looking Mechs too; makes them a bit more than just a machine.

What do you think?

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