Khurasan Brings More Sci-Fi Tanks To Their Line-Up

August 6, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Khurasan Miniatures released 4 new tanks in their 15mm line, the Nova Respublik Crimson Army, that are sure to add some destruction and devastation to your game table.


The story on these sci-fi tanks starts here:

Rising from the ashes of the oppressive Romantoff Freehold, Nova Respublik, also known as the UPSR (Union of Planetary Socialist Republics), is spreading popular revolution throughout the human colonies of the galaxy. As Gallopovich, that war leader of the early days, said (before he was purged), "War is the locomotive of history, and the engine of that locomotive is the battle tank." Following his diktats, the armies of Nova Respublik heavily employ medium tanks, which swarm across the battlefield into the furnace of battle, the clanking of their treads a deafening sound as they literally roll over all opposition.


These new additions are described by Khurasan with the intent : to represent the “next generation” of AFVs for Nova Respublik, our popular range of Neo-Soviets.

Care to roll one of these bad boys across your game table?

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