Khurasan Miniatures Raise The Dead With 15mm Skeletons!

September 27, 2014 by brennon

Khurasan Miniatures have added some more of the undead to their 15mm Fantasy range. See what you think of these shambling skeletons with both basic warriors and armoured versions!

Skeleton Warriors #1

Skeleton Warriors #2

Above are some of their basic skeletons with some painted in ghostly colours while the middle one is painted like a standard undead creature. The second image shows off their armoured variants making up the iron clad muscle at the centre of your necromantic experimentation.

Once again I love miniatures of this scale and think they are a perfect fit for use in role-playing. I will push the point home once again! You could have so many more miniatures in your collection if you went for 15mm and they all look pretty good too if you buy right. Khurasan do some great looking pieces and these Skeletons are right up there in my opinion.

Have you considered 15mm for role-playing?

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