Khurasan Go Questing With New Heroes & A Deadly Demon!

December 13, 2014 by brennon

Khurasan have some fantasy miniatures on sale from the sculpting hand of Tom Meier. These 15mm miniatures fit well into my belief that this is the way forward with your massive mound of monsters and heroes Dungeon Masters sometimes need to gather together...

Ranger & Elf Mage

Cleric & Dwarf Fighter

Paladin, Barbarian & Rogue

So there's your group of heroes but what are heroes without monsters to fight? If you want to find another beast for these heroes to come up against then how about the Great Flame Demon!?

Fire Demon

These miniatures have been painted up by expert hands of both Marike Reimer and Jennifer Haley and they look very retro. I particularly like the Fire Demon above and the Cleric/Fighter combo. Always a fan of Dwarves and holy warriors.

What do you think?

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