Khurasan Tank Out A Pair Of Tanks For Sci-Fi & Modernity

December 4, 2016 by dracs

Khurasan Miniatures have previewed a pair of tanks, each for a different type of game setting and scale, bringing your troops the the fire support of these heavy vehicles.

Bringing Back The 80's

Khurasan revealed the resin parts for the T-64BV.


This 15mm Soviet T-64BV is good first came out in the 60's and was widely used during the late 80's, although they reportedly saw plenty of use in modern day Ukraine as well.

Khurasan have done a good job at capturing the details of this Soviet staple and will be releasing the model once they have it painted and ready for the webstore.

The Tank Of Tomorrow

Moving to a larger scale and the technology of tomorrow, Khurasan have also revealed a sci-fi tank.

Sci-Fi Tank

This tank is certainly bulkier than the previous one. To my inexperienced eye, it's not as obviously sci-fi as you might expect, suggesting it might be well suited for near future settings like MERCS.

Which of these two tanks do you prefer?

"Khurasan has done a good job at capturing the details of this Soviet staple..."

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