Kurdish Peshmerga Report For Action From Khurasan Miniatures

June 17, 2015 by stvitusdancern

Khurasan Miniatures has released some new modern sets depicting the Kurdish Peshmerga meaning "he who confronts death". These miniatures in 15mm depict these brave men who have put themselves in harms way to stand against the tide that is currently trying to take over the Middle East.

Kurdish Peshmerga AK47

Kurdish Peshmerga western rifles

Both the irregular and semi-regular troop types are depticted with mostly Soviet weapons, but they also included some miniatures with western armament to represent the influx of aid to them from western countries.

Kurdish Peshmerga squad weapons

Kurdish Peshmerga heavy weapons

There are currently four different sets available to include the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters with Ak 47s, Kurdish Peshmerga fighters with western rifles, Kurdish Peshmerga fighters with squad weapons, and Kurdish Peshmerga fighters with heavy weapons. With some many modern rule set available to a gamer these miniatures are just itching for a fight.

Can you recruit some fighters to stand against the tide?

"..Kurdish Peshmerga meaning "he who confronts death"."

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