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August 28, 2019 by brennon

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3D Printed Tabletop, a Youtube Channel run by Danny Herrero is now on Kickstarter bringing together all manner of designers in order to create an all-in-one tabletop adventure for you to play through. Check out The Lost Adventures...

The Lost Adventures Main Image - 3D Printed Tabletop

The Lost Adventures not only provides you with a wealth of 3D printable files for you to work on at home but also all of the extra stuff you'll need to run yourself an adventure using these characters and creatures.

All of the terrain, monsters, characters, tiles and more provided as part of the campaign is to be used in The Verdant Queen adventure included with your pledge, an adventure which takes you from level one through to level five and is entirely compatible with Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

So, rather than providing you with just the rules and/or models this looks to bring everything together in one place so you have effectively an adventure in a box!

Heroes & Villains

Of course, one of the cool things about the campaign is the selection of heroes and monsters you can print off at home...

The Heroes - 3D Printed Tabletop

The heroes represent a selection of pre-made characters for your players to play as. It looks like you've got a nice traditional mix of characters here and with a good split between male and female too which is nice to see. This also starts to show off the different creators who have made content for this Kickstarter.

The list of those helping out expands when you start looking at enemies like these Goblins...

The Horde - 3D Printed Tabletops

...and the Bandits from The Thieves Guild.

The Thieves Guild - 3D Printed Tabletop

All of these miniatures are suited to the different scenarios you're going to be playing out. So, you could print all of these off over a series of weeks and then get them painted up to fit the scenario rather than just being faced with a mass of plastic and resin that seems too daunting!

We also have who I assume is going to be the big bad of the adventure, Revaniss The Watcher. That is one tasty looking Dragon...

Revaniss The Watcher - 3D Printed Tabletop

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the range of creatures and villains available to backers. They also have undead, wild wolves and owlbears and much more. Make sure to check out the links to the Kickstarter to see more of the work by this collaborating team.

Terrain Crafting

One of the other elements of the campaign is that you get the tiles and terrain you need to make your encounters pop too. This is where their terrain elements come in like trees with removable tops...

Trees - 3D Printed Tabletop

...and some awesome scatter terrain for your interior locations like these which pop up in the tavern.

Beds & Tables - 3D Printed Tabletop

Again this is just the first selection of 3D elements that 3D Printed Tabletop have been working on with their collaborators to bring this adventure to life.

More NPCs, terrain elements, monsters and such have already been added into the mix as part of their stretch goals and add-ons so if you're looking for alternative heroes and creatures to take your adventures beyond level five then you've got a lot to look forward to.

One of the things they have stressed about the content provided as part of the Kickstarter is that they're looking to make it as printer friendly as possible so they have tested everything you see on their campaign.

Are you tempted by this?

"Are you tempted by this?"

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