Atlantis Miniatures Live On Kickstarter With New Orc & Goblin Project

July 1, 2015 by brennon

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Atlantis Miniatures have headed to Kickstarter this evening with their big project which is looking to fund a range of 28mm Miniatures. Orcs, Goblins, Trolls and more are all coming as part of this campaign and you can see some of their work below...

Atlantis Miniatures Header

The Models

The basic sets that you see below are the main focus of the campaign and what I expect most people will be aiming for when they come to join this Kickstarter. As you can see they are all very characterful sculpts from the strangely human looking Goblins to the feral Orcs and the lumbering Trolls...

Goblin Set

Orc Set

Troll Set

My favourite has to be the Troll set since it comes with so many big lumbering beasts. All of these are most certainly going to be finding their way into larger Fantasy armies I reckon. For 28mm scale as well these seem nicely big and bulky so they will adequately dwarf whatever they stand next too.

There are also some additional miniatures you can get as Add-Ons to your basic pledges. They come in the form of characters like the Orc Shaman below and then things a bit bigger like the War Bear and Wyvern.



War Bear

There are a few other interesting Add-Ons worth checking such as some interesting cavalry options which would be a good compliment to the existing foot troops. Basically if you really like greenskins then this could well be one of the projects you keep a close eye on.

The Sculpts

Of course all of these renders are good but we always like to see some examples of what the final product is going to look like. Well, Atlantis have provided us with some 3D sculpts that, while not finished, show off what the models will look like.

Orc 3D Sculpt

Ogre 3D Sculpt

As you can see they have a little bit of extra work to go. BUT, they certainly seem to be on the right track with the sculpts and I think they've got the level of detail right. You can see all the various additional details from the renders above worked out quite nicely.

With that in mind however they have said that the project won't be complete until February 2016 because they want to take some more time to finalise the details when it comes to the sculpting process. I think that's fair enough when you're aiming to deliver a product. Release it when it works!

What do you think?

"For 28mm scale as well these seem nicely big and bulky so they will adequately dwarf whatever they stand next too..."

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