Cars Meet Cards in Thunder Track Turbo Rally Card Racing!

November 8, 2014 by stvitusdancern

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If there's never been an excuse to customize a Matchbox or Hot Wheels car, then now's your chance! There's a great little Kickstarter out right now to capture the kid in all of us and play with cars in Thunder - Track, Turbo Rally Card Racing by Alec Ramsey and Lee Johnson!

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Now you can race your opponents in a fast paced card game where you literally set up a course with the cards and play out the race according to the cards in your path. Every flip of the car will decide whether or not you advance in the race. Of course, there's plenty of opportunity for surprises along the way, as your car has different abilities and weapons to cause havoc for your opponents along the way. Plus, you have a hand of cards at your disposal to play and intervene with the hazards the track or your blocks your opponents throws in your way!

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The game itself does not come with the tricked out cars in the pictures, but after seeing them, I honestly couldn't imagine playing the game without them! This is an easy fix- head to a local toy store and grab yourself a few cars (or perhaps you could "borrow" a few from your child?) for your game and rig them up with whatever bits you'd like to give them the weapons or surprises of your choice. I'm picturing some sort of combination of Cannonball Run and Mad Max! This is where your tabletop gamer skills can really shine!

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What will your Thunder Track car look like?

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