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July 25, 2018 by brennon

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It is time to blast off to Sector 98 for...

Hyperleague Racing Main Image - Mad Dad Games

If you missed it, we caught up with Andy from Mad-Dad Games at the UK Games Expo in June (you can catch up with that interview HERE) and now he has launched Hyperleague Racing through Kickstarter!

What Is It?

At its heart, Hyperleague Racing is a small-scale miniature game played on either a 2x2, 2x3 or 3x3 mat that creates narrative moments in the way that racers interact with each other and space-based terrain such as asteroids, space junk, nebulas, black holes and moons to name a few.

Hyperleague Racing Information - Mad Dad Games

Check Out The Kickstarter Here

Combine that with the custom elements of building your racer and races and the game finds itself in the ‘easy to learn but challenging to master’ tabletop miniature game with a campaign system that currently has twelve different combinations of races and over twenty-four different tricks!

Gameplay-wise, it takes minutes to learn as you make a simple race action followed by up to three manoeuvres and then a trick. A typical turn takes minutes and every action is a balance of risk vs. reward. This creates a straight-forward but deep game that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages!

Hyperleague Racing Gaming - Mad Dad Games

A standard game sees players take the role one of the pre-generated All-Star racers in ‘all-against-all’ two to four player action but the real gem of Hyperleague Racing is the massively customisable Championship mode which introduces a deep campaign system which follows your new fresh-faced racer for their first starting race all the way to the All-Star leagues and then maybe even beyond!

Hyperleague Racing Racers - Mad Dad Games

Not only that, but standard races are enhanced by race formats that add extra objectives or race conditions that can affect the final podium standings massively! Tag, for example, sees a condition added to a standard format race where whoever has the tag at the end of the game loses regardless, passing the tag on is through a combination of bumping your rival racers or utilising tricks to pass the TAG on!

Who Is The Game For?

The Kickstarter says that it works for kids seven years and up and that’s due to the game being, in part, designed and tested by Andy’s six-year-old daughter but that shouldn’t put you in to the idea that the game is solely for kids because its as much a ‘beer and pretzels’ game as it is a ‘milk and cookies’ game!

Hyperleague Racing Playtesting - Mad Dad Games

Andy’s daughter involved in some very intense playtest…

Why is that I really like the idea of a milk and cookies game?

How Can We Find Out More?

What’s nice is that the creator, Andy of Mad-Dad Games, has put a free print and play taster game on his website along with the eight all-star racers from the core boxed set so you can try before you buy!

On his website; are downloadable rules, All-Star cards and also the background of the four starting factions plus you can keep up to date with Hyperleague Racing on Facebook, and Twitter.

There are even ‘How To Play’ videos on his YouTube channel HERE. The first of these is above but you can find the full playlist over on their channel.

Will you be checking out Hyperleague Racing?

"What’s nice is that the creator, Andy of Mad-Dad Games, has put a free print and play taster game on his website..."

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