Dark Fey Creatures Come To Life On Kickstarter With Ouroboros Miniatures

September 25, 2018 by brennon

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Ouroboros Miniatures is on Kickstarter right now looking to bring a range of 54mm miniatures to life based on the Fey creatures that dwell in the dark places of the wilderness.

Fey - Ouroboros Miniatures

The miniatures here have been sculpted by Bulat Satuchin and Radmir Achmentov showing off loads of skill! Anything faerie and fey is very much up my street right now and I love the exciting colour choices you can make when it comes to painting up creatures like this.

Wise - Ourborosos Miniatures

Edo Paints is the brush behind these amazing finished pieces that you see here too. I really like the look of the Troll Faery, in particular, a nice mix of what you would imagine a troll to look like but with a twist of its original beauty trapped within.

Troll Faery - Ouroboros Miniatures

The Trickster here takes me away from the world of Western Fantasy and actually gives me the vibe of a Japanese creature that dwells in the shadows looking for unsuspecting travellers.

Trickster - Ouroboros Miniatures

You could imagine this Nymph being one of those creatures that the heroes bump into when they're on the search for a rare flower. They find it, clutched in her hands only for her to give them a dire warning as to what will happen if they try and take it from her.

Nymph - Ouroboros Miniatures

Maybe this is exactly where this Night Elf comes in. The heroes take the flower from the Nymph and as they're rushing through the woods they get chased by a cruel looking Night Elf.

Night Elf - Ouroboros Miniatures

Once again, it's awesome to see just what you can do with the painting for this range. Whilst it is a shame that these are in 54mm I can see the benefits of them being so, namely that you get to seriously go to town on the painting!

Last but not least we have the Hag. Maybe the Nymph actually turns into her when the heroes anger her?

Hag - Ouroboros Miniatures

A superb looking range I think you will agree. The sculpts are wonderful and if you like your larger scale models then I think you should consider checking out this Kickstarter.

What do you think?

"I love the exciting colour choices you can make when it comes to painting up creatures like this..."

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