D.A.R.K P.M.C Mechsuits Kickstarter Ending Soon

July 1, 2015 by brennon

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If you like running around with Mechsuits on the tabletop (and who doesn't?) then go and check out the D.A.R.K. P.M.C Kickstarter which is coming to a close over the next few days. They have a neat looking range of 54mm tall Mechs who would be perfect for a range of tabletop games...

The Suits

Each of the suits has been built so that it should be able to fit into 28mm, 15mm, and 6mm scale gaming. At 54mm they stand pretty tall so should work for towering constructs in smaller scale games and then huge support troops in anything bigger.

Assault Suit

The Assault Battle Suit MK.I (Render)

The model above, the Assault Suit Mk.I is probably their most polished of designs and looks like it comes with an array of different weapon options. Weirdly enough I could see this being painted up like a Yellow Jacket and appearing in something like MERCS.

The Rapier

The Rapier (Model)

The Guardian

The Guardian (Model)

The other Mechs are slightly more rudimentary at the moment without the additional details that you can see on the artwork above. Hopefully we'll be seeing those extra hex patterns and some of the panels popping up for example on the Guardian above.

The Wolverine

The Wolverine (Model)

The artwork incidentally is by Ian Guzman and you can see some more of his designs over on DeviantArt where he does a lot of other illustrations in the Sci-Fi vein and might give you a hint as to what else might be coming from these guys.


In terms of additional models following on from the Mechsuits the team have given some thought towards some extra ground troops.

Project Overseer

Heavy Support Suit

I think the design of the models is pretty awesome and while the Kickstarter campaign itself leaves a bit to be desired - it's not very 'exciting' - they do have a lot of promise. Hopefully even if this doesn't make the Kickstarter goal they will continue to work on making these models a reality.

Head on over and check it out.

"Weirdly enough I could see this being painted up like a Yellow Jacket and appearing in something like MERCS..."

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