Dave Taylor Takes His Book To Kickstarter To Help Paint Your Armies, Legions, & Hordes

March 16, 2018 by warzan

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Dave Taylor has launched a Kickstarter to help publish his hobby help book Armies & Legions & Hordes.

Genswick Squad

Some of you may remember Dave Taylor's Painting Wargaming Collections series of articles here on Beasts of War.

See The Painting Wargaming Collections Article Series By Dave

The book follows a similar focus. Rather than being a "How to Paint" book, it will focus on giving hobbyists the tools they need to regularly finish up their own large projects.

Wellingtons Guards


The book will take hobbyists through the various stages of creating a large project piece, from the initial inspiration to triumphant completion, helping you find ways to keep yourself motivated and plan out your project along the way.

DarkAge-Outcast Brutes

It will also feature a wealth of army projects from across a wide range of genres.

Genswick Command Squad

Genswick Big Guns

These can show just what can be achieved, and should also provide plenty of opportunities for you to get inspired for your own project work.





The Kickstarter will let the book get published, with stretch goals allowing for even more content.




Dave won't be alone in this though, as he has invited a few others who are well versed in completing large projects to contribute themselves. You may even recognise one of them...

Guess Who

Check Out The Kickstarter & Let Us Know What You Think

What are your thoughts on Dave Taylor's tips and tricks? What are your own methods for tackling large projects?

"[The book] will focus on giving hobbyists the tools they need."

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