Is DIY 3D Printing Becoming a Real Possibility?

April 18, 2012 by brennon

Well, once you watch the video above you can certain assume its not far off. Check it out and then learn a little more about the Veloso 3D Printer below...


The minds behind this quite astonishing creation have launched a Indiegogo campaign in order to get this from the prototype stage to something for home use. As with other Kickstarters not only can you fund this project but get your hands on some of the kit when its eventually released.

Alien Skull

If the program and machine can produce something as intricate and detailed as this then it could seriously change the way in which we get hold of our miniatures. While major companies would probably jump on this if it became viable, the effect on the home user could be the big thing. Individuals could simply sell their pdf plans for models on the internet and you would print it off at home, a brand new model that quick.

3D Printing Model

As you can see here, it can handle a model at a much smaller scale and in incredible detail. Could this really be the future of the modelling process?

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