Titan-Forge’s Dragon Empire Army Grows On Kickstarter

February 22, 2017 by brennon

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Titan-Forge is currently on Kickstarter looking to fund their Dragon Empire Army which will bring together a mighty Fantasy army based on different elements of Asian mythology.

Dragon Empire

The army will consist of a large resin collection of miniatures in 28mm scale. As you can see it's certainly growing into something. As well as foot troops, they've included monstrous bestial cavalry and a dragon too! Here's a look at how the army is shaping up with some of the early sculpts...

Unit Preview #1

Unit Preview #2

There are three different pledge tiers too for you to consider.

Pledge Levels & Stretch Goals

The first of the pledge levels (not listed here) is Ashigaru allowing you to pledge $1 and then consider what you want later on during the pledge manager phase of the project. However, if you want to just dive in you can start off with the Samurai Pledge here...

Samurai Pledge

...or maybe get a little more monstrous and snap up the Dragon Pledge instead.

Dragon Pledge

Additionally, they have also unlocked a selection of extras too via Stretch Goals which include a number of new characters and some optional sculpts for units which is neat.

Daruma Miniature

Having more alternative poses is very cool for your units since it means that they don't look too regimented. It's nice to see things ranked up with gleaming weapons, but this is war and warriors need to be fighting!

Additional Basic Infantry

Extra units are also part of their stretch goal tally so far with the likes of Ninjas...


...and Matchlock Riflemen which could be a good upgrade for your army in game.


They have plenty more to show off on their Kickstarter page so I would consider diving in to see what catches your eye. I'm a big fan of the Oni so go and hunt them down!

Will you be snapping up this army?

"As well as foot troops, they've included monstrous bestial cavalry and a dragon too!"

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Supported by (Turn Off)