More Dungeon Dwelling Chibi Concepts from Impact! Miniatures

September 14, 2012 by brennon

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Impact! Miniatures have continued showing off concept art for their new Dungeon Explorers Kickstarter that should be set to go live tomorrow. Kickstarter are apparently still approving the campaign, but it shouldn't be too long to wait...

Impact Miniatures Acrobat

Impact Miniatures Cavalier

Impact Miniatures Dungeon Master

This finishes off the line-up from the original Dungeons & Dragons cartoon with the Dungeon Master himself being a stretch goal for the campaign. News is still thin on the ground concerning just what will come of this Kickstarter but it will certainly be a full range of chibi style dungeon heroes.

So whose betting two of the stretch goals will be the massive hydra and the tiny unicorn from the TV show?

Would you pick these kind of miniatures up for your role-playing?

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