Durgin Bring Beautiful Inneath Miniatures To Kickstarter

April 17, 2019 by brennon

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Durgin Paint Forge is now on Kickstarter with the miniatures from The Second Government Of Inneath! This expands their Fantasy world significantly, developing the human element of their world and its shadowy organisations.

Second Government Of Inneath - Durgin Paint Forge

The campaign is focused on bringing this colourful cast of characters to the tabletop so you can use them in role-playing games, skirmish adventures and much more. You can either plump for the Bluecoats, giving you an idea of the military organisation of Inneath...

Miniatures #2 - Durgin Paint Forge

...or look towards the Redcoats instead, another element of the military forces at work in this Fantasy world.

Miniatures #3 - Durgin Paint Forge

This immediately gives you a range of exciting and interesting characters to paint up, bringing together elements of games and worlds like Fable, The First Law and Dishonoured into a collection which would be an utter joy to paint up.

As well as the military arm of The Second Government Of Inneath there's also the shadowy Arcane bundle for the Agents Of M.A.S.K.

Miniatures #1 - Durgin Paint Forge

These fellows work in the shadows looking to find magical artefacts to use against those that would threaten the security of civilisation. This means that as well as being a force for good they are also a group that has no scruples; allowed to do what they want in order to secure order is maintained.

All of these models can either be snapped up as one big bundle or individually/via grouped bundles if you wish.

Add-Ons and Stretch Goals have also been thrown into the mix here too and whilst I say this a lot, this beautiful collection features some of the best miniatures out there right now.

I can't wait to see what people do when they've got these on their painting table.

What do you think?

"As well as the military arm of The Second Government Of Inneath there's also the shadowy Agents Of M.A.S.K...."

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