Firelock Games Close In On Final Hours Of Blood & Plunder Kickstarter

July 19, 2017 by brennon

Firelock Games are closing in on the final hours of their Blood & Plunder Kickstarter for the expansion, No Peace Beyond The Line.

No Peace Beyond The Line

Watch Blood & Plunder Week

The Kickstarter has been going from strength to strength and they've unlocked some fantastic bits and pieces for you to add onto your pledge as well as having a great core of goodies to fire over to you.

What's New?

When diving into this Kickstarter you'll have the chance to snap up four new faction sets which focus in on the expanding forces that are battling for control of the Caribbean during this period. They break down as such...

Dutch Starter Box


Native Caribbeans Starter Box

Native Caribbeans

European Land Forces Starter Box

European Land Forces

Pirates & Privateers Starter Box

Pirates & Privateers

...with each set coming with all the things you need to play the game including cards, dice and more. As well as the starter forces that you see above you can also get some new famous faces too as you'll see below.

Legendary Commanders

Firelock Games also make some fantastic ships out of resin as well for you to include in your force. You can see how they break down in size here, especially that stunning Galleon!


We're impressed with the way this campaign has come together and there are loads of fascinating things to check out as you delve deeper into this game. It's a mixture of historical accuracy and the ability to fulfil those piratical fantasies makes it a game worth checking out in more detail.

As we said above...

Watch Blood & Plunder Week

...for more information on how the game plays.

Recent Stretch Goals Unlocked

One of the options has been the Civilians...


These Civilians work as VIP characters in your games and will give you special benefits and boons to your ongoing adventures as you play. However, if they ever get captured by the enemy they give your enemy a Strike Point! So, you'll have to keep an eye on them.

As well as that they included a rather awesome new boat, the Piragua.


This was painted up for a Battle Report between a Dutch Corvette and a selection of Spanish Piragua in a game which you can watch the replay of HERE.

Leather Bound Books!

A limited run of hardbound leatherette Rulebooks is also going to be produced for the Kickstarter campaign giving you that authentic feel of holding a 17th Century tome in your hands.

Blood and Plunder - Complete edition

The book will be part of a Limited Run and will never be made again once they have sold out. It contains all of the rules for Blood & Plunder as well as the additional rules from No Peace Beyond The line. It looks utterly amazing.

Have you backed the campaign yet?

"A limited run of hardbound leatherette Rulebooks are also going to be produced for the Kickstarter campaign..."

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