Fjord Serpents: Vikings At War Launches On Kickstarter

December 7, 2022 by brennon

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Fjord Serpents: Viking At War from the folks at Hammer Of The North is now live on Kickstarter and ready for you to dive into. Take to the fjords and battle with your Viking brothers to see who can dominate the seas around Scandinavia.

Fjord Serpents: Vikings At War Kickstarter // Hammer Of The North

Fjord Serpents allows you to take on the role of a Jarl who has assembled a crew of Vikings and is heading out to conquer their enemies. When diving into the game, you can choose your nationality from Norweigian or Danish and then tailor your Jarl to fit the fighting style that you want to adopt.

Fjord Serpents Viking At War Kickstarter - Hammer Of The North

Fjord Serpents: Viking At War // Hammer Of The North

You will then assemble your fleet and choose the appropriate ship for your style of gameplay and also the crew that will be manning it. You might want to go with quantity over quality and pack your ship with the Leidang. You could also go down the route of introducing more elite warriors into your crew that will be far less numerous but will offer up benefits when it comes to that final clash of arms.

If you're interested in a breakdown of gameplay from turn to turn, you can check out a couple of videos (more to come) from Hammer Of The North that go into the intricacies of gameplay and how a demo plays out.

Fjord Serpents - How To Play (Part 1 - WIT Phase)

Fjord Serpents - How To Play (Part 2 - Ship Phase)

Fjord Serpents - Basic Game Playthrough

When it comes to game modes, there are a few to choose from with Fjord Serpents. You can play solo to get a feel for gameplay or dive into matched play between two evenly pointed-up forces on the tabletop. This is good for one-off games. There is also a heroic campaign which plays out over a number of games and tells the tale of your Jarls, their warriors and their ships as their fortunes wax and wane.

To mimic the semi-mythical nature of the Viking Sagas, there are also additional rules that allow you to twist fate and get yourself out of bad situations! It's a neat addition and one that I really like in games like SAGA.

Whats In The Box - Fjord Serpents Vikings At War

What's In The Box // Fjord Serpents: Vikings At War

What's nice about the game is that it comes at things from a very different angle. Instead of your standard tabletop clashes, Fjord Serpents is focused on naval engagements and getting that spot on. A lot of research has gone into bringing Fjord Serpents to life and getting this particular style of combat accurate whilst also having a bit of "Hollywood" flair.

Here you can see a breakdown of the different pledge options open to those diving into Fjord Serpents. There is quite a lot packed into that core box but it's nice to see that bonuses have also been considered and expansion options too!

Pledge Options - Fjord Serpents Vikings At War

Pledge Options // Fjord Serpents: Vikings At War

Varangian Guard and Jomsvikings have already been floated as fun ideas for Fjord Serpents going forward and it is well worth diving into the Kickstarter campaign to find out more about the team behind this game and their plans. I think this is a really fun idea and hopefully, the campaign goes well.

I really like the idea of using Fjord Serpents as a fun companion game to other wargames. You could use this to represent the naval battles being played out in a larger 10mm scale campaign where your Vikings are raging across Europe and beyond. You could use the miniatures between different games or maybe even just use this as a fun way to play our naval wargames easily rather than having to rely on doing that in 28mm!

Make sure to check out Fjord Serpents and tell us what you think!

"I really like the idea of using Fjord Serpents as a fun companion game to other wargames..."

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